Maintaining the confidence of both our clients and our staff is vitally important to us.
A huge amount of trust is placed on a cleaning service provider.

Safety is the first priority in any job. Cleaning is often done after business hours when few if any company staff are present. It is very physical work during which we lift heavy items, handle chemicals and machines, and do battle with germs and bacteria.

When you break it down that way, janitors are a tough and sturdy lot!  We need to know what we are doing and how to avoid injury while doing it.

 At Avanzar Janitorial, we take the safety of our staff and our customers very seriously. Our employees are educated about products and tools, and shown the safest methods to use them and maintain them. We focus on using the most environmentally and physically safe products to get the job done right.

We have WHMIS training for our staff and an established practice of maintaining SDS and emergency contact information in every janitor room. Our staff are made aware of the locations of first aid kits in each building and our evening staff are encouraged to carry cellphones on the job in case of emergency. Our management team is always available by cellphone.

Avanzar Janitorial staff working on an industrial site must go through the proper safety training specific to that job site and must adhere to the customer’s safety protocol. Safety is always our top priority.

And what about security?

Janitors are often in possession of keys to rooms that may contain sensitive information, and we clean tables and desks piled high with important documents. These are just some of the reason’s why Avanzar Janitorial Services provides employee bonding and police security clearance reports.

Maintaining the confidence of both our clients and our staff is vitally important to us.

We work to ensure the safety and security of every person and every business with whom we work.