Polishing every fixture to be move-in ready.

Your work site is a very busy place with numerous trades coming and going, doing what they do best, and there are timelines to meet.

Amidst all this planning, progress, and trouble shooting you also need to get things cleaned up. It may need to happen before another trade can do their job or before an inspection by investors or prospective buyers.

Whatever the case, construction cleaning needs doing and it is not always on the top of your list of priorities. Is this one more facet of  the project that you need to micro-manage? Not If you bring in Avanzar Janitorial Services.

We bring in an experienced team to provide what you need in a safe and efficient manner. Our workers have WHMIS and safety training for construction sites, and we provide our own personal protective equipment and on site first aid kit. Our professional approach to customer service means that we work with you to plan our work around your trades schedule to produce the results you need.


Painting is next on the agenda, but the space is very dusty. Avanzar can remove dust from windows, doors, ledges and floors in preparation for the painters.

The flooring crew needs a clean surface for installation. Avanzar can remove drywall mud, debris and dust before the flooring crew arrives.

The project is complete and you want to impress the future tenants when they arrive. Avanzar Janitorial can have the building move-in ready and shining.

Starting off right with attention to detail in new constructions
Starting off right with attention to detail in new building.

We provide:

  • Full wall washing
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning 
  • Full cleaning of all mill work, doors, door frames and baseboards
  • Cleaning and polishing of appliances and fixtures in kitchens and washrooms
  • Professional floor care including machine scrubbing, stripping, sealing and waxing, and carpet cleaning

Just let us know what construction cleaning services you need.

We are here to take those problems off your hands.